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Net Prime One Inc. provides the highest level of Information Technology (IT) consulting services in the areas of security, risk management, infrastructure, communications and networking, enterprise architecture and contingency planning.We provide these services to both government and private sectors. Net Prime One’s trusted, best-of-breed IT solutions mitigate security and compliance risks, enhance accountability, lower IT costs, reduce turnover, and increase management efficiency.Net Prime One is privately held, with its headquarters located in the province of Ontario, Canada with a strong presence in the province of Quebec, Canada. Net Prime One consultants possess expertise and hands-on experience in most areas of IT consulting including the following:

What We Do


Our multi-disciplinary team of Network Infrastructure and Management experts enable us to meet an…..

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In order to create an effective security posture, it is necessary to understand how effective the security controls are….

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A strong security posture commences with clear planning and architectural design. As a result of our expertise, we have the……..

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Recent Work