If an organization does not know the weak spots exposed by their IT infrastructure, it will be impossible to close those gaps. Penetration testing (perimeter, internal or both) will both expose the weaknesses and verify the resilience of the IT infrastructure to attacks by intruders.We are experts in penetration testing. We can perform tests on your network using the same methodologies, practices and tools commonly used by professional hackers.

The first step in penetration testing to carry out a Technical Vulnerability Assessment (TVA). The TVA allows us to plan the scope of the penetration testing that will be done.We will then carry out internal and/or external penetration test assignments as necessary.At the conclusion of our testing, you will be presented with a written report detailing the tests performed, the outcome, and recommended countermeasures to block any vulnerabilities found.You can then work with us to implement the necessary countermeasures to secure your infrastructure